Instructional Images

Instructional Images

Instructional images gives your customer an overview into how to use your product and its level of complexity based on their skills and abilities. They can also be used as a reference point for usage after purchase, especially if instructions aren’t provided. The final image in your collection should leave the customer with a lasting memory of your product Use a mix of product, context and strapline to help them remember the qualities of your item, and motivate them to make the purchase.

What our customers think…

Here at Products Photography, we have years of experience in the e-commerce marketplace – and we use that expertise to help you compete more effectively. By creating great images and better placing your products, we help you increase your sales.

“I’m very happy with these images – I really think they’re great, and by far the best in the UK market for my product, even in the US Amazon you’ll struggle to find better.”

Don – Health and Personal Care, HG Ltd

“That’s a fantastic set of images for such an uninspiring product!”

Garry – Garden and Outdoors, SM Pty Ltd

“The images are absolutely perfect. Thank you very much. I’ll definitely be in touch regarding future projects”

Tom – Baby Products – HD GmbH

“Thank you for all your help the final pictures look great. I’m really impressed with the features image. The photos look amazing.”

John – Home and Kitchen, TN Ltd

“I was expecting very high-quality pictures and that’s what has been produced… They look fantastic”

Amir – Luxury Beauty, MM Ltd