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Products Photography UK

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Products Photography UK

Who we are?


We’ve just launched our new website and even though its new our experience within the field isn’t.  For the past three years we’ve been working on an in-depth project with a client, which has brought us to this point.


Our experience.


We were commissioned to photograph one of the World’s largest private collections of arms and armour. Some of the oldest pieces date back as far as the 14th century, which meant that we had to take extreme care in handling and photographing the collection.


The project had presented us with problems in photographing the pieces; each piece had its own hurdles to overcome. We overcame these hurdles in three ways. Firstly our previous experience of lighting helped us, we adjusted the lighting accordingly. Secondly, the problems we couldn’t overcome directly, meant that we had to sit down discuss and experiment. Thirdly, we got our graphics team involved in the process, by talking we figured out solutions during the shoot process and at the post-production stage.


All of the challenges that we were presented us with allowed us to refine our processes, which in turn made us more efficient in the process.  The majority of items that we photographed had metallic surfaces, which meant that we were faced with reducing or eliminating the reflections we got from the surface.


Our experience over the last 3 years has meant that we were well suited to entering the products photography market. We researched the market and set up our very own unique packages.  The pricing structures of most products photography company’s means, that you pay a set price for each image, as you’d expect.


We’re different.


This means that you’ll get a set of images that tell a story, we try and make it as easy for your customer to get the drift of your message as is possible, so that they don’t have to think too much about it.


The benefits of using our services


1. We specialise in serving the e-commerce retailers market, those people that sells products trough Amazon FBA, eBay and Etsy


2. We don’t just create images we create stories. When we receive a product we will storyboard it and create for you 5 images in our ‘small package’ the shots include:


                           i. Hero Shot: This is the main product image on a plain background.


                         ii. Elements Shot: e.g. the screen on an iPad or ports on electronic equipment etc.


                        iii. Context Shot: An image of the product in an environment with associated items. Link with premium items

                              to boost your products ‘look’ and perceived value.


                        iv. Extras Shot: e.g. cables, accessories or packaging etc.


                         v. Additional Shot: e.g. batteries, listing of specific qualities with text etc.


Products Photography Shots


3. All of our work is done in house in the UK, so that we can keep our briefs tight and concise which improves the efficiency of our team and the probability of errors are reduced, which means that you get your work with minimal delays.


4. We don’t compete on price, just quality and value for money. We create images that tell a story, a lot of thought goes into the images that we produce.


5. We’ve also got a great graphics team behind us, which not only means that we can do just about anything digitally but are knowledgeable about branding and marketing.

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