An Overview

Products photography is more complex and technical than it seems, that’s why it’s better to employ a professional products photography company to do it for you.

To begin with there’s the pre-production work involved before the shoot, for example, preparing the product for the shoot. Then there’s the actual shoot,  the lighting requirements need to be precise to enhance each individual product. Then there’s post-production work to be done, this enhances the product image even further, to get the best out of it and appeal to your customer.
Finally, there’s the customer service, which goes on throughout the process.  We’re here to listen to your requirements, make sure that happens and ensure that you are happy with the results of your experience with us.

Have a look at the information below and you’ll see what you get from our premium service.  If you still have unanswered questions, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Whats Included?

These are the great benefits that you’ll receive from us.


Your product is prepared for the shoot when it arrives.


Images are shot on a professional 48 mega pixel camera


Your product will be shot, as standard, on a white background, which is the requirement for most e-commerce platforms.


We will post produce the product images as standard to enhance the product further.


If you’re not happy because we have made an error with the final product images we will re-shoot them at no extra cost.

Product Photography Pricing

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to get more images to expand your product range, we’ve got something to meet your needs. We’re here to help you to successfully grow your business that’s why we offer pre-set and custom photography packs. We can offer you advice on the best images for your needs and your budget based on our experience. We’re here to create partnerships in the long term. If you grow, we grow. 

Starter Pack

7 Premium Images
  • 1 Hero image
  • 6 Product images
  • Product size up to 1x1x0.5m

Booster Pack

9 Premium Images
  • 2 Hero images
  • 6 Product images
  • 1 Features image?An image with graphics highlighting 3-4 main features/benefits of your product
  • Product size up to 1x1x0.5m
  • Hand modelling (available*)
  • Group arrangements (available*)

Pro Pack

10 Premium Images
  • 2 Hero images
  • 6 Product images
  • 1 Features image?An image with graphics highlighting 3-4 main features/benefits of your product
  • 1 Infographic?Highlighting 3-4 key elements of your product.
  • Product size up to 1x1x0.5m
  • Hand modeling (available*)
  • Group arrangements (available*)
  • Lifestyle shoot (available*)

Custom Pack

You decide how many images
  • Require something more bespoke?
  • As many or as few images as you need
  • You decide
Images That Tell The Story

Below are examples of the types of images that we can produce for you. Any combination of the below could constitute your basic package of product photographs.

Authority Image

Custom Package Quote

How many shots do I need?

From the tables below, decide which pack suits your needs, once you’ve made up your mind or if you have any queries, get in touch.  The packs below are just guides. We can create as many or as few images as you require.  Get in touch for tailored pricing.

What are your requirements?

Once we’ve received your enquiry we’ll give you a call to confirm the details that you’ve sent us.