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Experts in e-commerce.

Helping you make the most impact with your images.

Experts in e-commerce


Here at Products Photography, we have years of experience in the e-commerce marketplace – and we use that expertise to help you compete more effectively. By creating great images and better placing your products, we help you increase your sales.

Hero Images

A first impression is often the lasting one – so your hero image needs to stand out and catch the eye without the support of additional branding. A hero shot is the backbone to any online promotion, and must be high impact and interesting at a glance.


Infographic Images

Infographics can quickly and clearly highlight key information about your product. Similar to features images, they are a great way to exhibit supplementary details about your product, be it via icons, illustration, graphs, lists, text or tables.

Dimensions Images

Your customer will need to know if your product is suitable for them, so it’s always beneficial to present product dimensions in a simple and effective way. Sometimes, other items can be used to help with the perceived scale of a product.

Multi-Use Images

Multi-use images allow you to demonstrate the versatility of your product, showing it in use in a range of different scenarios. With access to an ample range of stock images, we can help illustrate how and where your product can be used.

Context Images

Putting your products in context helps potential customers to grasp the product’s use or purpose in an instant. We can show your product in-situ through the use of models, stock images, image composition and image enhancement.

Composite Images

Composite images can help deliver great results on a modest budget, digitally placing your product into stock images rather than shooting on location. It allows your product to be used in an environment that would be difficult or expensive to access, or in a total fantasy setting.

Instructional Images

Instructional images gives your customer an overview into how to use your product and its level of complexity based on their skills and abilities. They can also be used as a reference point for usage after purchase, especially if instructions aren’t provided.
The final image in your collection should leave the customer with a lasting memory of your product. Use a mix of product, context and strapline to help them remember the qualities of your item, and motivate them to make the purchase.

Billboard Images


The best way to make your images ‘pop’ is to creatively enhance the picture in post-production – saturating the colour, smoothing creases, aligning text, reshaping, reducing reflection or adding some sheen. We show your item in its best light – but always remain true to the product.

Model Hire

We use a team of professional and semi-professional models in our shoots, using both location and studio environments to shoot products and create composite images. It means we can tailor any photoshoot to suit your budget.


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