Jungle Scout

Products Photography’s Involvement.

Jungle Scout got in touch with us and asked whether we’d like to collaborate on the project by creating the products photography images for their new sleeping bag.  It sounded like a fantastic project, which would help both Amazon FBA sellers with the added bonus of the revenue going to a great cause.

The Million Dollar Case Study

The Million Dollar Case Study is the ultimate learning experience for Amazon sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs.
It is a transparent and public Amazon launch case study that follows Greg Mercer’s journey to creating a million dollars in revenue, covering every detail, starting from zero. All of the profits will go to Pencils of Promise.
Pencils of Promise
 Pencils of Promise (“PoP”) is a for-purpose organisation founded in 2008 with the goal of increasing access to quality education for children in the developing world.
PoP works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide educational opportunities for children, no matter where they were born or what resources they have.
To date, PoP has built over 400 schools and provides education to more than 35,000 students throughout Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua, establishing itself as a leader amongst the innovative global non-profits working toward sustainable social change.
Featured Case Study
“It is an absolute pleasure working with the products photography team. They took some amazing photos for our first UK Amazon product launch, and the turnaround was extremely fast.I would recommend products photography for both product and lifestyle photography for any ecommerce business that is looking for high quality images of the products”

We’re working with Jungle Scout to help you become a successful Amazon seller.

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Who are Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout provide Amazon product research software which helps e-commerce sellers to find profitable product ideas, backed up with reliable data.

They offer a chrome extension that helps you research as your browse Amazon, and a powerful Web App, with the largest Amazon catalogue, automated product tracking and more. Jungle Scout helps you effortlessly organize, track, and sift through sales data for thousands of products, so you can launch and scale your FBA business while staying one step ahead of the competition.