Turnaround time : What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time depends on how busy we are. The average time is two weeks from receipt of the product.  If you require your images sooner, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. If we’re hiring models or locations, this can sometimes take a little bit longer due to booking delays.

Props : Do you provide props?

If you require props for a shoot, we can purchase props for you, or you can send them to us. If you require perishable items, like food or high-value items like laptops, phones, tablets, we can supply them.  We’ll send anything that has been purchased by you or on behalf of you, back to you.

Lifestyle photography : Do you do location photography?

Yes, we do. Depending on your requirements, we can hire either local network locations or professional hire locations for your shoot.  The choice is yours.

Model photography : Do you hire models?

We do hire models for your shoot, whether on studio or location. We use both professional and semi-professional models.  So, whether you’re on a budget or if you’re going for a specific look, we can do either. 

Hand Models : Can you provide hand models?

Yes, we can. If you want a specific look, we will hire one if you don’t we can use someone in-house.

Composite Photography (Photoshop) : Can you Photoshop products into stock images?

Yes. Composite photography allows us to Photoshop products into stock images. This technique allows flexibility in the overall feel of your product.

Our experienced team of photographers and graphic designers will ensure that the product looks realistic.

e-commerce Image format : What size are the final images that you send over?

We’ll follow the image formats as required by your choice of e-commerce platform or website. If you let us know what your platform is upfront, we’ll ensure you get optimized images.

Post-production : Is post-production included in the cost?

Yes, it is. All of the images that we produce go through a post-production process, to ensure that every single image looks as good as it can.