Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography
Amazon Image Specialists

Here at Products Photography UK, we specialise in creating images and graphics for Amazon sellers whether it’s Fulfilled by Amazon, (FBA), Fulfilled by Merchant, (FBM) or any other.

We’re here to help you sell your products and help you move a step closer to achieving your goals. We’re successful at what we do because of our approach. We listen to what our clients want. We collaborate on projects with both first time and experienced sellers. We advise clients on the best course for creating high-quality images. Yes, it’s cliché, but your success is also our success. We’ve seen a number of our clients move from full-time jobs to full time selling on Amazon and we’re proud of that.

We serve clients primarily from the UK, but we also serve clients worldwide. From those who only want one set of images for a single product and also those who want to build long term relationships and who plan on launching multiple products. Regardless of the size of the project our team will always give 100%. This is how we begin giving our all. Once you’ve decided to let us take care of your project, we’ll schedule a team meeting to discuss the product itself, the target market, your competitors and the most effective approach of enhancing your product offering. We’ll then feedback to you.


Our vast and varied experience in photography and lighting enables us to create high-quality product images, composite and lifestyle images that ensure your product looks great and also stands out. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects, thousands if you count products photography. This has helped hone our skills using both natural and artificial light.

One of our other prime key-services that we provide includes graphic design and branding. Together, these complement your images. When we add graphics to images, we refer to these as graphics-based images. Makes sense, right? We use graphics to highlight key information on the benefits of the product, its capabilities and its key features. Our graphics will tell a story. They’ll be consistent and tie in with your brand.

Benefits of choosing our service
You’ve got enough on your plate, with you dealing with your supplier, imminent shipment arrivals at the warehouse, PPC advertising and social media management. We’ll take some of that strain, so you don’t have to think or worry about your images. We’ll get all the key information from you at the beginning of the project.

We’re a highly experienced team with considerable experience in lifestyle and product photography. We’ve worked on a wide variety of projects with both public and private sector organisations.


Our experience extends into branding and graphic design for both products and services. We’ve created branding and graphics for small companies and product branding projects for multi-nationals.

Our unique blend of skills and experience with photography and graphic design helps us to create high-quality images to help increase your conversion rates.

We’re here to build relationships. We’re in this for the long run, we want to see you succeed so that you keep coming back.

We understand the Amazon marketplace and its requirements. We’ve helped hundreds of Amazon sellers all over the world launch their e-commerce businesses.  

COVID-19 UPDATE: Even though we have scaled back operations at our studio we are still photographing products
and producing graphics while our team practices strict social distancing and work-from-home procedures.