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About New

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Welcome To Our Office

We are a well-established company that works with individuals, private sector and public sector organisations.


Our commitment, style, specialism in lighting and having a great experienced team around us has led to our success.

Originally a documentary photography specialist concentrating on environmental portraits, our creativity with lighting brought us some notoriety. Three years ago we started working on an extensive and long-term project, photographing one of the largest private collections of Indian arms and armour in the world. We have photographed ancient swords, shields and armour, some of which date back to the 14th Century. We therefore understand it is the attention to detail that makes a product stand out.


This project led to the development of new techniques and the creation of Products Photography UK; it seems like a natural progression. Our extensive understanding of lighting, photography and products photography coupled with a highly experienced team gives us a strong foothold in a highly competitive market.


Since the beginning, our company ethos has been to provide a first rate customer experience with fantastic images and no-hassle approach to meeting your photographic needs. This is why we’ve developed a simple 4 step approach to make the products photography process as easy as possible for you.

You may have reservations about sending out your products to a company that you’ve never used before but rest assured that no payment will be taken until the job is complete. We operate a policy of strict client confidentiality, by using non-disclosure agreements,  useful for all people bringing new products to the market. So, whether you have one product that consists of 5 images or 20 products that need over a hundred for your e-commerce online store, get in touch.


Products Photography Indian arms and armour
Indian Arms and Armour

A type of sword originating from India, dating back to the 15th Century.  Two similar swords exist, one in the Royal Collection at Sandringham and the other at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Products Photography Indian arms and armour
Indian Arms and Armour

A fighting knife with a knuckle guard originating in India dating back to the late 18th Century.  A similar weapon exsists at the Victoria and Albert Museums in London.

Products Photography Indian arms and armour
Indian Arms and Armour

A type of knife which originates from India and dates back to the 18th Century. It has  brass decorative cut circular inlaid plaques to the grip and a turned steel blade mounting with a ring decoration.

Products Photography Environmental portrait photography Desi pubs

A project working with Indian Pubs here in the Black Country; the aim of the project was to capture the essence of the pubs, this included staff, regulars and the food that they serve.

Products Photography Environmental portrait photography couch stories

A project which took 2 years to complete, the aim of the project was to look at people in their own personal space and tell a story about that person based on  their surroundings.  We managed to photograph 25 people including the former poet laureate, as seen above, and the Bishop of Birmingham.

Products Photography Environmental portrait photography

Commissioned by the Faithful Neighbourhoods Centre in Birmingham. We photographed projects under a government funded scheme, which saw people of different faiths working together and bringing the diverse communities in Birmingham closer together.


6 years in business

We've been in business for 6 years now and have plenty of experience photographing products the way you need them.


1000's of images taken

We've taken thousands of images of products, so you know that you're in good hands.


High quality professional images

We don't compete on price, only exceptional quality and service.


Quick turnaround

We know that you want your images as quickly as possible, the only thing that will slow us down is the postal service.